How do I Fundraise for my Kilimanjaro Charity Climb?

Fundraising is hard work. It demands dedication and often means a commitment of several months, so be prepared. People will want to know why they should sponsor you, so you'll need to communicate what you are doing, why you are doing it, who the charity is, how they will spend your funds and who will benefit. The more you know about the cause you are supporting, the more convincing you will be to potential sponsors. Donations and contributions will arrive when others believe in your cause, and in you. There are many ways to raise money.

Personal Donations

Make a list of everyone you know. That includes relatives, friends, neighbors, sports team, social club contacts, school friends, colleagues, business contacts - everyone. Don't exclude anyone, because it is often the people who you least expect who support you. Then, communicate with them in person, by telephone or email. When speaking with potential donors, have a clear and concise message of why they should support you in your Kilimanjaro climb. The more personal the message, the more effective it will be. It helps to create an online fundraising page on websites such as Just Giving that can accept money rather than trying to collect donations in person or by mail.

Organize an Event

Events are a great way to raise money and provide entertainment for all your friends and family. Fundraising events are a great way of raising significant amounts of money in a short period of time. Event provide a reason for bringing people together for a good cause. There are many ideas but some of our favorites are barbecues, dinner parties, themed evenings, auctions, pool tournaments, pub crawls, raffles, sporting events.

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship can provide a vital source of funding. To secure sponsorship you need to understand what sponsors are looking for and offer benefits and value that meet their needs. Before approaching a company, think what you can offer them in return. Companies sponsor Kilimanjaro climbs to increase consumer awareness of their product and improve public image. So you can agree to get publicity for the sponsor by contacting the media (see below). You can agree to wear their logo during your training and on the climb. You can take their corporate banner to the summit and take a photo there. Approach companies well in advance, so they can budget for the costs. Keep your sponsors informed of your progress and any publicity, and be sure to thank them publicly. Sponsorship is a business relationship that does not end when you receive the money need to work hard to ensure that sponsors obtain the benefits they sought.


Tell everyone you know about what you're doing. People are naturally interested about impressive feats like climbing Kilimanjaro, so you are bound to get some donations just by talking about it. Try contacting local newspapers, radio and television stations and community newsgroups. It is not as hard as you think to get a feature written about your climb. To get your name and story in print is one of the most effective ways in gaining support for your cause. If you contact the local media you need to know the following information:

  • Why you are climbing Kilimanjaro - give personal reasons that others can relate to
  • Details of your charity - explain why the work of your chosen charity is so important
  • How much you need to raise and what the money specifically is used for
  • Your contact details and how the audience can donate